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Class of 2025 Countdown in Progress
Class of 2025 Senior Portraits
Senior pictures will take place at Alcovy High School on July 12, July 18, and 10/12 at Alcovy from 9:30 am until 6:00 pm.
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Guidance Suite
2024 - 2025 Summer Registration
2024 Summer Hours and Contact Information **Please be advised that the following information is subject to change and/or will be updated as information becomes available for posting*
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Alcovy vs. Heritage
2024 2025 Athletics Department
2024 -2025 Alcovy Athletics Department News, events and updates
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Welcome to Alcovy High School

Dr. Kristopher WilliamsGreetings Alcovy High School Tigers!

elcome to   the 2024 - 2025 school year. The Alcovy faculty and staff are excited to work with your students as we provide high quality, rigorous, challenging and relevant instruction in a variety of instructional settings. Alcovy High School staff members seek to empower students to develop a passion for lifelong learning through engaging and rigorous lesson. We seek to instill not only the objectives and skills  specified by local and state curriculum standards but develop student competence and motivation that will enrich each life.  Our daily work includes creating a safe and supportive environment in which all learners can pursue academic and social learning experiences and fulfill their unique potentials.

Parents are a huge part of the Alcovy High School success.  Parent involvement increases student achievement and enriches the school community.  Please feel free to regularly volunteer to work at Alcovy and please attend as many school functions as possible. By doing so, you are providing valued attention to students, teachers, and the school community.  As we build upon existing relationships and forge new ones, let us collaboratively support the social, emotional and academic well-being of each child at Alcovy High School.  Through this teaming effort, we will make tremendous progress for all.

Thank you for trusting your student in our care and partnering with faculty/staff members to prepare children for 21st Century learning.  I look forward to the year ahead!

Tigers Roar and have Tiger Pride

Dr. Kristopher Williams